About us

Habitat for Humanity Kenya is a Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Housing Organization whose mandate is to enable the low income families in Kenya access decent and affordable shelter. Since 1982, HFH Kenya has helped over 6,000 low income families organized in over 200 community groups to construct simple, decent and affordable housing through provision of small and easy to pay off micro mortgages loans.

Our Vision

“A world where everyone has a decent place to live”

Our Mission

Habitat for Humanity mission is to work in partnership with God and people everywhere, from all walks of life, to develop communities with God’s people in need by building and renovating houses, so that there are decent houses in decent communities in which every person can experience God’s love and can grow into all that God intends.

Mission Principles

1. Demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ.

We  undertake our  work  to  demonstrate the  love  and teachings of Jesus, acting in all ways that are in accordance with  the  belief that God’s love  and grace abound for all, and that we must be “hands and feet” of that love  and grace in our  world. We believe that, through faith, the miniscule can be multiplied to accomplish the magnificent, and that, in faith; respectful relationships can grow among all people.

2. Focus on shelter.

We have chosen, as our means of manifesting God’s love, to create opportunities for all people to live in decent, durable shelter. We put faith into action by helping to build, renovate or preserve homes, and by partnering with others to accelerate and broaden access to affordable housing as a foundation for breaking the cycle of poverty.

3. Advocate for affordable housing.

In response to the prophet Micah’s call to do justice, to love mercy and to walk humbly with God, we promote decent, affordable housing for all, and we support the global community’s commitment to housing as a basic human right. We will advocate for just and fair housing policy to eliminate the constraints that contribute to poverty housing. And, in all of our work, we will seek to put  shelter in  the hearts and minds in such a powerful way that poverty housing becomes socially, politically and religiously unacceptable.

4. Promote dignity and hope.

We believe that no one lives in dignity until everyone can live in dignity. We believe that every person has something to contribute and something to gain from creating communities in which all people have decent, affordable places to live. We believe that dignity and hope are best achieved through equitable, accountable partnerships.

5. Support sustainable and transformational development.

We view our work as successful when it transforms lives and promote positive and lasting social, economic and spiritual change within a community; when it is based on mutual trust and fully shared accomplishment; and when it demonstrates responsible stewardship of all resources entrusted to us.

Our values:

As the staff of Habitat for Humanity Kenya, we commit ourselves to ensuring that everyone has a decent place to live. In carrying out the Habitat mission and vision, we commit to practice the following values in our interactions with clients, partners and colleagues:

Honesty: We commit to telling the truth at all times.

Stewardship: We commit to being good and prudent stewards of the resources entrusted to us. We will apply the resources entrusted to us to eliminating poor housing and will provide an account to all our donors and stakeholders.

Integrity: We commit ourselves to conducting our affairs in a honest, truthful and accurate manner.
Professionalism: We commit ourselves to serve with sincerity and maintain professional etiquette and ethics at the work place. We will strive to lay high standards for our performance and live up to our commitments.

Teamwork: We commit ourselves to work as a team and where appropriate incorporate each other’s ideas into the decisions we make and the work we do. We will be keen to listen to our stakeholders and as much as possible involve them in our work and programs.

Where we build

Habitat for Humanity Kenya is currently implementing its programs in the following regions: Bomet, Bungoma, Eldama Ravine, Kisii and Meru.

As part of the organization’s strategic plan, Maua and Runyenjes regions were merged and are currently under the newly formed Meru office.

Projects in Maai Mahiu IDP camp, Naivasha and Mt.Elgon have been completed and the target families occupied the houses.


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