From Mud To Brick


Stephen is 59 years old and a member of Kebute self help group, he lives in Mutonto village in Kisii County, 20KM from Kisii town. He is married to Beatrice Nyabate and they are blessed with eight children.

He is a tea small scale farmer and also keeps a dairy cow that brings in some income. He has been making fired bricks over the years with a plan that he will get enough bricks and money to start building his house. After a long period of savings and eventually using the money for other urgent needs, he realized he could not manage to save all by himself. He joined a HFHK mobilized group in order to get access to a small affordable loan that would boost his ability to start his house construction.

Currently, he lives in a mud walled house which requires constant repairs especially during rainy seasons. He has already received 50,000Ksh for the first loan which he has used to start, set-up and complete the first stage of the three bed roomed fired brick house.

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