Area - Runyenjes, Embu

Status – Physically challenged
“For more than 20 years since I left my parents to live with my husband, I have been living in a mud-walled house with a rusted ironsheet roof that leaks whenever it rains. There is no one time I imagined of owning a decent house such as this one (as she points to her new HFH house). Before I got married, I was living in a small grass-thatched house with my parents.

My disability was always seen as an obstacle for my future with my children since I can only walk bending or crawl with my hands when I am not using my stick; my feet are weak and crippled and my back is stiff, which makes me unable to stand upright. I have lived a life of struggle with my children being my only help in my small farm. It was my prayer to God that one day I would prove to people that I can do something for myself since I felt like I was a burden to them. I thank God as He answered my prayer through HFH Kenya, and now I have a beautiful house! The community in which I live who partner with HFH Kenya were there to support me as I could not do any work when my house was being constructed.

Today, people talk about me and feel challenged when they come to my new house. I am able to pay for my house since one of my children supports me, together with my elder brother, but this does not mean that I cannot support myself since I grow coffee which gives me a small income.

I would like to thank HFH Kenya and all their partners who are involved in supporting the poor own decent homes! I say, God bless them all!”




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