American School of Dubai give a helping hand to a Kenyan family

It is on very rare occasions that people associate decent housing with good health, good academic achievements and a high self esteem. The global village program does not only offer the volunteers an opportunity to experience firsthand this not very obvious reality but to interact with people from different cultures and learn how they live.

The family of Phynn Lunguch is one among the 5,000 homeowners who have benefited from the HFH Kenya housing microfinance program over the years. Phynn, a single mother of one child and a foster parent to two children owns a small shop which acts as her sole source of income in Esageri, a small village in Eldama Ravine.

The American School of Dubai is an independent, non-profit organization, which offers what is best about American education. The school provides educational experience designed to promote the maximum potential of its students. To achieve this, it challenges and assists students to become intellectually adept, thoughtful and ethical contributors to a global society.

Daniel and Jennifer Mendes, teachers at the school led the group of young and energetic students in setting up the house foundation and raising the walls of the house.  They worked closely with the local community. As the two groups dug the foundation, they shared stories, laughed and laid down one brick after the other. Relationships developed and bonds were created.  Bonds that not even distance can separate.

Habitat for Humanity Kenya is grateful to the students and teachers for choosing Kenya as their destination. The life of Phynn and her family will never be the same again. They are more knowledgeable about the American culture and more importantly they know that soon they will be moving into their own house.  On behalf of Phynn and her family we all say Asanteni Sana.





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