When The Sky Smiles

“Mama likes telling me that one day the sky will smile at me ,said little Deux Gitonga , and “so I look up to the sky every morning hopping that it smiles”  he says with a giggle, but little did Deux know that the sky was actually going to smile on his family.

When Irene Mureithi the founder Chief Executive officer of Rich and Royal Limited made a commitment to construct a house for an internally displaced family in Maai Mahiu, Grace did not have the least idea that her family would benefit. She had waited for three years for the sky to smile on her, finally it did.

It took Habitat for Humanity Kenya technical staff and the family of Grace Njeri three weeks to complete the construction of the three roomed house plus a pit latrine outside. She then moved in with her three children.

The house dedication and celebration ceremony was filled with joy and jubilation, Grace led her neighbours and friends in singing, clapping and dancing. The Rich and Royal team lead the group in worship and prayer and a they gave Grace a Bible that she was asked to use as a guide and reference in her daily life activities and relationships.  As the guests slowly left the home Deux held his mother’s hand, looked up at the sky and whispered to his mother “Mama the sky did not smile at us, it laughed with us”.  “We can only thank God for this, said Grace, “life will never be the same again for us”.


Thank you staff and management of Rich and Royal

for putting a smile on this family.



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