The Dusty Path

No one will ever trace the many footprints that have trodden on the long dusty path that leads to the IDP camp. Three years ago the footprints of over one thousand men women and children marked the beginning of what is now a life transforming journey. Since then, many more footprints have walked on this dusty path, it is through this entry to the camp that stories have been told, tears of joy have flowed freely, laughter has filled the air, many have learnt the value of love and the need to share, and it is in this very camp that families have moved from tents to houses. Every day the displaced families stare at the dusty path with anticipating eyes once in a while footprints of hope tread the patch and hope is renewed, there are days when no one comes but they keep watching until darkness covers the path of hope then they can watch no more.

On Wednesday 4th August 2011, footprints walked on this dusty path, in the distance one can clearly see the tattered tents which tell the long story of suffering and endurance not very far from the tents are rows of well structured houses, they portray hope, joy and transformation. As the footprints of the CEO of Family Media Mr Leo Slingerlands approached the end of the dusty path, twenty displaced families were assured of houses. These footprints had brought a message of hope.

The partnership between Habitat for Humanity Kenya and Family Media limited started in April this year with the signing of a memorandum to launch the building hope project.  The project aimed at resettling as many Internally Displaced Persons within the Maai Mahiu area as possible.  In order to implement the project Family Media facilitated extensive publicity through the production of documentaries, promotions for television and radio, weekly mentions on its E-newsletter, follow-up specials, short stories, interviews, website and /or internet write-ups. Through the project Kshs 3.9 million was raised, the funds will be used for the construction of 20 houses, 20 more families within the camp will move from tents to three roomed houses within the next four weeks.

“There are certain household chores that I long to perform, says Margaret, I just can’t remember the last time I mobbed my house or cleaned windows, I long to close the door of a house and to carry keys in my hands.  I can’t wait to move into my house, I am so grateful to Family Media for partnering with Habitat for Humanity Kenya, what a relief, now I know that everything is possible.”  The wait has been long with eyes focused on the dusty path, it is through this path that lives has been transformed. Thank you family Media for following this dusty path, it is through this path that you came to know us says Margaret and though it is dusty you walked through it and moved us from tattered tents to decent houses.



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