Thank you Sarova Group of Hotels

It is true that the journey of a thousand miles always begins with the first step. Three years ago, the Maai Mahiu IDP camp was a place covered with dust, a vacant piece of land so lifeless. From a distance one could see only white tents placed together in one corner of the camp. One could also clearly see faces of sadness and eyes of despair. There was hardly any smell of food not even during lunch time. The community was entirely dependent on well wishers.

Today, the camp is a beehive of activities with 235 houses already built and standing in neat rows. The sound of laughter fills the air as children play and adults chat in groups on a bright Saturday morning. Amidst all this joy and laughter 100 families continue to live in deplorable conditions. The tents are now completely tattered, in actual sense, these families have no shelter, these tents do not offer the protection needed  to cushion any of them from the effects of cold, wind , crawling insects, snakes  and heavy rains .

On this bright Saturday of August 13th the Sarova staff participated in a build at the camp. The weather was quite warm with a cool breeze that made it comfortable for the team to easily dig the house foundations. The Sarova group of hotels donated Kshs 1million that will be used to construct houses for five families currently living in deplorable conditions at the camp.

“We have lived in tents for a long time” said Rosemary, one of the IDP’s who will benefit from the Sarova donation, “I am so delighted that soon I will move to a house. Thank you for making this happen may God Bless you.”

On behalf of the many families we serve, we thank the management and staff of the Sarova group of hotels for partnering with us in providing decent shelter for the IDP at the Maai Mahiu camp. These five families will soon move into their own homes.  They will experience the joy of living in a house once again,  opening a door in the morning, carrying keys , looking out of a window,  just performing these simple actions  that many of us never even think about , but these actions are what the IDP long to do, they miss opening the door to a house .

The benefits of decent housing are many evidently, the lives of these families will improve tremendously. Living in a tent for years is not easy, the chilly nights and hot dusty days make it very difficult for the little children to grow healthy and well.

Thank you Sarova for helping us change lives.





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